Jundishapur Journal of Chronic Disease Care : 2015, Volume 4, Issue 4, Oct Abstracts XML

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Video Training Programs and the Quality of Life of Patients With Type II Diabetes   Research Article
The Effect of Green Tea Extract on Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index in Postmenopausal Iranian Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial   Research Article
The Effectiveness of Self Management Program on Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Sickle Cell Patients: A Quasi-Experimental Study   Research Article
Iranian Women’s Motivations for Seeking Health Information: A Qualitative Study   Research Article
Effect of Group Training on Glycemic Control in Patients With Diabetes Type-I   Research Article
Perspective and Experiences of Iranian People With Multiple Sclerosis Regarding Leisure: A Qualitative Study   Research Article
The Relationship Between Menopausal Symptoms, Menopausal Age and Body Mass Index With Depression in Menopausal Women of Ahvaz in 2012   Research Article
Association Between Perceived Social Support and Depression in Postmenopausal Women   Research Article
Depression, Functionality and Adaptability of Elderly Patients After Open Heart Surgery Off- or On-Pump   Research Article
Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being and Self-Management Among Iranian People With Multiple Sclerosis   Research Article
Applying the Health Belief Model in Predicting Breast Cancer Screening Behavior of Women   Research Article